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Ash's Gliscor was one of the Pokémons that Ash caught in Sinnoh.

Biography EditEditEdit

Gliscor was caught as a Gligar that was afraid of heights and couldn't fly very well.

Gligar was used to battle Paul's Gliscor but was no match for it and Gliscor knocked Gligar out with Guillotine.

Gary suggested to evolve Gligar with a Razor Fang into Gliscor so it can overcome these fears. Ash's Gligar eventually evolved into Gliscor and saved Ash at a canyon.

Gliscor wanted to be in the action too, but Ash refused and Gliscor learned Fire Fang in the same episode. Ash used Gliscor in the Canalave Gym, where it defeated Byron's Bastiodon by using Fire Fang from behind instead of attacking it from the front. In the Snowpoint Gym, it lost to Candice's SnoverAsh also used Gliscor to battle Paul's Torterra. It nearly defeated Torterra, but lost to Torterra's Frenzy Plant.

Ash used Gliscor to battle McCann's Scizor and began learning Giga Impact and stayed there to train with McCann.

Ash summoned Gliscor from McCann in order to battle Paul in the Sinnoh league. Gliscor had perfected Giga Impact and while training with McCann, learned Stone Edge. During Ash's battle with Paul, Gliscor battled Ninjask but was unable to overcome Ninjask's speed and was recalled after Ninjask knocked it into the ground, causing it to become poisoned by Drapion's Toxic Spikes. Gliscor later battled Drapion and defeated it using Fire Fang. However due to its exhaustion and the fact that it poisoned, Gliscor was defeated by Paul's Electivire.

Gliscor is assumed to be at Professor Oak's Laboratory. However it is possible that Gliscor may have returned to McCann for more training.

Gliscor was planned to reappear along with all of Ash's Pokemon in an upcoming episode of Best Wishes Season 2. Gliscor visiting Oak's lab in unknown reason.

Known moves EditEditEdit

Move Episode
X-Scissor + The Bells are Singing!
Sand Attack The Bells are Singing!
Steel Wing The Bells are Singing!
Screech A Breed Stampede!
Fire Fang + A Breed Stampede!
Giga Impact + Mastering Current Events!
Stone Edge + A Real Rival Rouser!
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*

- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.

Gallery EditEditEdit

[2]Preparing to use Stone Edge[3]Using Giga Impact[4]Using Screech[5]Using X-Scissor[6]Using Sand Attack[7]Using Steel Wing[8]Gliscor as a Gligar[9]Gligar[10]As a Gligar[11]Gliscor's first and only victory in a Gym[12]Ash's Gliscor[13]Gliscor

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